The influence of customer reviews on online consumer confidence

June 9, 2016
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Last week we discussed how in four steps increases the confidence of your online shop visitors. We were taking on four factors: graphic design, structure, content, and social presence signals. Today we add on a fifth factor to this: customer reviews.

Consumers appreciate customer reviews so because companies there have no control over. That is precisely why many organizations find it scary to integrate customer reviews into their site, because that could lead to negative reactions. Still, it pays to take the step to customer reviews! In this blog post we tell you why.
Product Reviews versus merchant reviews

We’re talking about customer reviews, but there are actually two types:

  • product Reviews
  • webshop Reviews

In shop reviews rate the online store as a whole. Think of the service, the shipping, the user, and so on. Various sites use of a plug-in review

Reviews are good and negative reviews are not necessarily bad You read it right, the question is not if, but how customer reviews influence online consumer confidence. Because influence that have to review certain.

Research by Reevoo shows that we do not have very much worried about the negative reviews:

  • 95% of consumers distrusts reviews when they are only positive
  • The addition of a few negative (er) review leads at 68% of consumers more confidence in the shop
  • The survey was customer reviews in general and so was about both product and merchant reviews.

Another study looked at the effect of product reviews (not to shop review). This showed that 63% of shop visitors convert more like a shop with reviews. Product Reviews are so very good for your conversion!
Why negative customer reviews can be good?

Of course it’s nice when you shop performs well and get positive customer reviews. But to get at some of the negative reviews you do not immediately panic. The study of Reevoo shows about negative reviews that … consumers:

  • Appreciate the openness of the web shop. They are confident that they will get all the necessary information to make a good decision
  • Not always agree with the negative reviews; they often find that too much whining other consumers
  • Look at the total picture and not a bad review itself
  • Find suspicious lack of negative reactions. They think that the negative reviews shop filters from the list

Conclusion & tips for customer reviews on your site

In conclusion we can say that:

  • Customer Reviews generally have a positive effect on your shop
  • A few negative reviews does not mean the end of the world

We therefore think that you would be well advised to integrate customer reviews into your shop. Nonetheless shop owners do not underestimate the introduction of customer reviews! The following tips are also helpful to take a while. They help you to manage customer reviews well, so you still raises more online consumer confidence.

Starting webshops can first start with better overall shop reviews and then introduce the product reviews. Product Reviews are only become interesting for visitors as there are multiple reviews, which come in handy if you have some more notoriety.

Choose a site that you are going to collect the webshop reviews. Think of parties Trustpilot, or Kiyoh The Feedback Company.

Collect active reviews, such as through emails, newsletters and on your website. As you gather more feedback and you show that you are open for reviews.

Very important for positive customer reviews: Create your promises! If you promise on your website that you deliver orders within 24 hours, you must fulfill that promise. Be helpful and respond quickly to questions through customer service. The better you surpass the expectations of your customers, the more positive their response.

View the reviews on your website via a plug-in so that people can immediately see how your site will be reviewed. Read the reviews and use the feedback to improve your shop. You can only learn from!

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