Increase in 4 steps you online consumer confidence

June 9, 2016
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A lack of consumer confidence in your shop keeps its visitors to make a purchase. People should finally their personal and financial information sharing with an online store, and they do not like they have a shop insufficient confidence. Find out how to increase online trust your shop visitors!

Unfortunately, there is no standard checklist that you can keep to increase consumer confidence online. The exact checklist varies from one type of site and per customer. Yet you using these four steps make big succeed in online trust your shop visitors:

Step 1: Make an impact with your graphic design

There are several points at which you can gain the trust of your visitors. One of the key moments is perhaps the first impression the moment the visitor enters your website. Graphic design plays a huge role here. Think carefully about what you want to project to your visitor and observe the shape, size and color of all elements in your web design. Make sure that your beautiful photos and choose fonts that fit your business and target audience.

Example: E-bay

A good example of a shop with a strong graphic design, is Ebay. The photo immediately catches the eye and gives a warm, homey feeling to the visitor. Furthermore, the color quiet on the website and they provide clear readable text.

Step 2: Win trust structure

Besides the graphic design plays structure a crucial role in consumer confidence. The more accessible the web shop for visitors and the better the information is organized, the higher the confidence. If it should order a product for visitors is unclear how or harassed in the ordering process, they quit and click away.

Step 3: Get started with your content

The content in your shop is essential for winning consumer confidence. Bring this content clear picture for your visitors:

  • A clear corporate logo
  • Core strengths of your business (why is your shop better than the rest?)
  • Information about the safety of your shop
  • payment Information
  • Rights of the customer
  • Any certification or quality marks

Example: Zalando

A strong example of a shop that has the content completely under control, Zalando. On the homepage you will see a lot of points directly above the screen. In the order process, which points further emphasized, so that consumer confidence still given a final boost before purchase.

But content is more than the above elements involved: the product and information pages on your web shop must be in order. Think pages as ‘Customer’, ‘FAQ’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’. Raffel the content on those pages not finished, but give clear answers to possible questions from your customers. How to increase consumer confidence, you reduce the perceived risk to order online and increase your conversion.

Step 4: Give visitors the feeling that you are there

Consumer confidence rises as they experience more social presence. People feel safer and more comfortable in your shop if they have a face to the company. As a shop owner you that feeling influence in several ways.

Allow customers to communicate with you, such as a chat feature. There are sales increases of 30% measured at webshops that a chat application names in use! Use a representative picture or video clip to ‘About us’

Examples: Amazon & Ali baba

Amazon and Alibaba deliberately create a sense of social presence. This creates a strong sense of social presence and gives customers the feeling that their question answered personally.

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