E-Commerce Portal  

We design and develop E-Commerce Portal with maximum efficiency goal. Not only design and technology, but also online marketing counts taking it. And keeping track of all the statistics of your shop as visitors, purchases and conversions. Max Technologies makes use web shops that encourage sales.

Mobile OptimizedYour shop starts with a strong online strategy

It’s sad but true, you’re not the only one in the market to start a shop. The number of online shops worldwide increased explosively. Australia even more E-Commerce Websites than physical stores!

The question is, how do you jump getaway? A good online strategy distinguishes you over your competitors. Here we can help you with. We think together about what you want to communicate, to whom, and how they have been your goal? Therefore, we discuss before we start, what you want to achieve and how we will tackle. We translate this into a strategic document. This serves as input for the design and development of your shop.

eCommerceUnique shop design

Besides a good analysis and a strong strategy are appropriate design and sound system is essential for a successful shop. We have already delivered more websites designs and know exactly how to entice visitors to buy. All our designs are responsive. This means you shop on both desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone display properly. Visitors should regardless of the device can easily place an order. Therefore, your shop will be made. This allows us to create a distinctive design for giving you additional notice.

Mobile OptimizedWooCommerce shop

We put the design into strong technique. Taking advantage of WooCommerce, a module within WordPress which is the basis for your shop. This makes managing include your products, orders, inventory, customers, and offers possible.
WooCommerce is known from the many themes that are offered for this. MAX Technologies when we make such “themes rather themselves. This enables us to optimally respond to your needs and provide a unique shop that works.

eCommerceROI insight

Of course, you also want to know how to shop ‘performing’. You obviously see coming your orders, but how do you know what day you shop sells best? And or discounts on products you actually produce something? And integrate even more vital information and statistics we provide insight on e-Commerce Analytics in your shop. So you see at a glance how you stand it!

Based on the data obtained, we can optimize new and existing online shops to increase sales.

This includes the design theme/template of the website and the integration into your cart of choice. Famous apps which are currently used WordPress+Woo Commerce, Open Cart, Magento etc.Designed E commerce Website



40 Products Data Entry
5 Banners / Header
1 Month Initial Maintenance
2 Revisions
2 Mockups
Social Media Integration
Google Analytics
CSS Based
No SEO Friendly
1 Feedback / Inquiry Form



60 Products Data Entry
10 Banners / Header
1 Month Initial Maintenance
5 Revisions
3 Mockups
Social Media Integration
Google Analytics
CSS Based
SEO Friendly
2 Feedback / Inquiry Form



80 Products Data Entry
15 Banners / Header
2 Months Initial Maintenance
10 Revisions
5 Mockups
Social Media Integration
Google Analytics
CSS Based
SEO Friendly
3 Feedback / Inquiry Form



100 Products Data Entry
25 Banners / Header
3 Months Initial Maintenance
15 Revisions
10 Mockups
Social Media Integration
Google Analytics
CSS Based
SEO Friendly
10 Feedback / Inquiry Form

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